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Tel: 020-7713-8575
Tues - Sat 12:30 - 21:30
Sun and Mon Closed

Tea & Cakes

Not only lunch and dinner, we serve home mode dessert, like trifles, cream puff and cakes with touch of Japanese essence.

None of them are regulars and ranges change every day. With creativity, we present our new look and taste of cakes.

Please bear in mind that due to Covid 19, our cake range is temporarily limited.

Come and visit us to find out what is available or go to facebook!

We also make celebration cakes. Please order them in advance (at least 3 days before).

Pot of Tea

Our Japanese tea of three different kinds is all imported from Southern Japan and organic certified by Japanese authority.

  • Sen-Cha: most ordinal green tea
  • Hoji-Cha: roasted green tea, hence milder and fruitier
  • Genmai-Cha: Brown rice tea with Ma-cha, premium tea powder providing top quality aroma

We also have exotic and exquisite Jasmine Flower Tea, which gradually blossoms in glass tea pot of hot water, giving extra romantic taste to your dinner.

Afternoon Tea (£15)

Luxurious treat for you in our tea time(15.00 – 18.00).

You can choose one pot of tea from our range, Sen-Cha, Hoji-Cha and Genmai-Cha or English tea. Served with fresh Sushi, a slice of homemade cake and Japanese snack followed by Mini Ma-Cha latte.

Time Out London's Eating and Drinking Guide 2013